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I designed lots of stuff across these years, though due to moving around a bit too much I lost lots of materials. This, and also ’cause I actually tend to impulsively trash designs I no longer like. Here at my Archives are a few proud survivors.

Various logotypes.
Identity concept for real estate web platform.
Advertising concepts for elite champagne importer.
Flash website for elite champagne importer.
Top: Jaguar photosession. Bottom: Creative installation identity concept.
Lead art for TV series.
E-commerce platform identity for HK-based startup.
Some of the very early websites, my own illustrations, calligraphy and mixed art.
Print and media for a film production studio.

A story for the AI/ML app that matches people via their media preferences, likes, social activity on Facebook and such.

This one was inspired by the stuff Tony Stark was doing in Iron Man. A similar tech-Jesus is going through the digital mess to find what matters most.

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