Sep 2013

Online translators marketplace.

Sep 2013

Online translators marketplace.


Normal version (the logotype itself) is a custom lettering designed exclusively for Fluencie.

Distorted version is composed of letters and accents of different languages.

This style captures the message that we speak all languages, reflecting this in our logotype.

Mascot and Animation

Enzie mascot and overall somewhat “playful” approach is an indication of Fluencie is actually not only simple to use, but it is fun to use in the first place.

This is the message we carry on to customers—it is fun, use it daily, incorporate it in your routine because it is fun and simple.

Fluencie character (called Enzie) has the following short animations:

— Making appearance on scene
— Welcome animation
— Stands still
— Walks
— Runs
— Stops (after running)

Graphics: Illustrations

Account and Awards sketches and illustrations.

Graphics: Background

City background is a rich, detailed pixel-art illustration 3×3 tiles (5000px+ resolution).


Left side features Fluencie cases for individuals. Each trigger area is accompanied by an infonode. Once Enzie reaches an infonode it expands to a small window with use-case story.

Cases from left-to-right:
— Maps, communication and directions.
— E-mails, newsletters, and general web content.

Right side features Fluencie cases for corporate use. There are only two trigger areas, giving just two windows to describe use-case, which is: generally, more volume to companies compared to individuals.

Though, Enzie obviously can’t fly or dig her way underground, we still have sky and basement levels. These levels are to provide full and consistent visual pleasure to the viewers, and a smooth transition from rich detail at the center, to lower detail at other parts.


External translation widget that can be integrated to partner websites.

Creative Direction

Pavel Pekanov

Front-End Development

Aleksey Taranovskiy

Tom Flux

Graphics & Illustration

Aleksey Kravchuk

Eduard Penkov

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