May 2013

Kissmydisc is an enormous e-commerce media store with a focus on Japanese goods. The twist here is a mix of native e-commerce UX with social networking and gaming experience.

May 2013

Kissmydisc is an enormous e-commerce media store with a focus on Japanese goods. The twist here is a mix of native e-commerce UX with social networking and gaming experience.

Branding concept

KissMyDisc (KMD) logotype captures well-known icons while maintaining the distinctive look. The new logotype is young, aggressive and—one could say—provocative.

Looking for a “Japanese” look and feel, and proof of concept.


The logotype typography is inspired by Kanji and Japanese aesthetics. The red sun in the center stands for both national indication and disc (CD or DVD).

Collector’s Logotype

To convey the exclusiveness of Collector’s Corner features, this section features its own logotype version.

The CC logotype is an ink-drawn calligraphic Kissmydisc logotype.

Mascots and Animations

Mascots are a serie of animated characters that appear on site during load times.

There are three mascots to be designed and animated: Reading girl, Conspiracy/spy guy, Dancing girl.

Whenever user is experiencing content load times, an animated mascot appears to make this time more entertaining.

Home Page

Index page is composed simply of a search bar to find any item within the 6Mil+ database, and links to external pages like Collector’s Corner and Picks.

The direction of “arrows” within the elements indicate whether the transition is within the same flow (i.e. next page), or it’s a completely new section (up arrow), or it’s an expansion on top of the current page (down arrow).


A selection of items within one of the featured categories: music, movies, games, toys, etc.

This page also features “Smash Deals”, limited discounted offers for hot items (see on the left hand).

Item Page

This page displays a selected item, along with its price, description and tracklist (if and when applicable).

Here at the page fold customers can locate navigational tabs to expand the page into: reviews, item videos at Youtube or Vimeo, recently viewed and suggested items.

Search Results

The search page is populated with standard filters, highlighting and internal images search.

Moreover, it heavily uses one of KMD’s exclusive features—similar items, or what we call it—“Sounds like” items.


Instasearch is our name to “refine by” actions, that present on any e-comm site today. The difference between instasearch and “refine by” is that instasearch gives very basic and general search options to refine listed results.

With INSTASEARCH users can sort items they want at a lightspeed. The few parameters are: price, year, similarity, used/new, sorting order.

These parameters are applicable to any items category—books, movies, music, games. In-depth parameters are located on Search page.

There is no “genre” filter in INSTASEARCH. Instead a “Sounds like” filter is used. This further indicates the purpose of INSTASEARCH—this is only for those who know what they are looking for, and this is only for those who want to find something based on their taste.

Collector's Corner: Overview

Collector’s Corner is a concept originating from an earlier version of the website, taking us back well over ten years.

The Collector’s Corner is an exclusive section of the site, where cool, rare, and truly elusive items are featured, from a number of product categories.

Collector's Corner: Tiers

Yellow Tier: This tier is be open and available to the public (any registered user can access it). Here are featured unknown, but truly superb products (related to the category of your choice).

Red Tier: This tier is also open and available to the public. Here are more exclusive, and rare products, which naturally command a premium price.

Black Tier: This tier is accessible only to a very select group of elite collectors. This is an exclusive VIP club. The goods featured here, are offered at upper premiums, and thus cater only to the very select group of collectors.

HD Browsing: Home

Kissmydisc HD Mode is a completely another way to browse the website. The HD Mode makes users experience the authentic feel to be inside an exclusive hard-to-find Japanese shop.

HD Browsing: Item

Browsing in HD Mode and selecting items feels like touching the real package at the shelf, similar to reaching out to the wanted item and putting other items to the sides.

HD Browsing: Category

The HD Mode is filled with very small details as well. The users stumble upon memorable quotes from songs lyrics, movies and books while browsing the HD Mode at a greater scale.


Kissmydisc items come in a premium packaging with a nice surprise inside (exclusive to Collective Corner buyers).

Creative Direction

Pavel Pekanov

Back-End Development

Sergey Ivanov

Dmitriy Baltin

Semyon Osipov

Front-End Development

Aleksey Taranovskiy

Tom Flux

Server Setup

Tom Flux

Dmitriy Baltin

Graphics & Illustration

Aleksey Kravchuk

Sofia Golovanova

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